Elliott Kanbar

Elliott Kanbar


Elliott Kanbar has been advising and mentoring filmmakers, film distributors, and film producers for over 40 years. He is currently the President of CINEMAflix LLC, which operates the highly successful CINEMflix DISTRIBUTION Program. He has appeared on numerous panels at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Long Island Film Festival, the International Documentary Association, the Big Apple Film Festival, and the Queens World Film Festival. He has been a guest lecturer on Cinema Economics at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and a participant in Columbia University’s Center for Career Education. 

He is also the author of the following books:

Barbara Rose

Barbara Rose

Chief Curator

Barbara Rose has been a long-time analyst of  independent films and the classic oldies. She has searched deeply into her files to come up with some of  her favorites. Most of all, she’s thrilled that so many of these films can now be streamed. 

“With so much available out there to watch, any bit of direction is welcome, and Kanbar is thankfully willing to be an enthusiastic tour guide. A cheerful, functional reference work that will appeal to film and television fans.”


Why aren't there more films listed?

Currently, there are thousands of films now available for streaming. Our focus is to select the ones we highly recommend. 

Why should we subscribe to the STREAMING-flix NEWSLETTER?

It will inform you of changes being made on our website, and it will give you the latest news about streaming films. It’s free, so what the heck? 

How frequently will you be updating your website?

As frequently as necessary. The STREAMING-flix Newsletter will keep you informed of changes.

How do you pick the films?

Mostly, a member of our staff has seen every film we recommend. We also read reviews and the trade publications and we receive recommendations from friends and associates.

How do you manage to keep current with the many changes that are happening?

We rely heavily on the press releases from the major digital platforms, trade publications, and word-of-mouth from film executives. 

Are pirated films a big problem?

For sure. We thus focus primarily on the major digital platforms. Some of the smaller platforms have been known to offer pirated films. 

Is there a good book you can recommend about streaming films?

How about A Guide to Streaming Films? It’s now available on Amazon and Kindle.

Why do digital platforms remove films from their inventory?

Every digital platform has an agreement with the film producer to list a film for a given period of time. If, at the end of this period, the film did not do well, it will be dropped. Also, a film can be dropped before the agreement ends if it’s not catching on.

I'm not a techie so I need help with some streaming terms?

You’re not alone. Click our “Definitions” page.


AVOD (Advertising-supported video on demand). The inclusion of advertising permits the site to stream content at no cost to the viewer.

DTC. Direct-to-Consumer. The delivery of film, audio, or media content through the internet without requiring the viewer to subscribe to a cable or satellite service like Comcast or Cablevision.

Internet. A global system of interconnected computer networks that link to worldwide network devices such as the ones in your home.
ISP (Internet service provider). A company that provides services for accessing the internet.
Media Streamer. A separate unit attached to or inserted into the TV that will allow viewers to stream multiple internet platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes, directly to the TV. Most popular media streamers are Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku.
OTT (Over-the-top). Same as DTC. See above.
Platforms, Digital. Refers to internet content providers such as Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.
Sound Bar. A unit attached to the TV to enhance the sound quality.
Streaming. The delivery of video or audio content directly to the viewing screen through the internet, bypassing cable or a satellite pay service. Also referred to as an OTT or DTC.
SVOD (Subscription video on demand). For a set monthly or annual fee, a viewer is permitted to access all the available content in a platform’s library.
TVOD (Transactional video on demand). You pay each time you view a film or other video product. There is no monthly subscription cost.
UHD (Ultra high definition). UHD is now standard with most 4K television sets.
VOD (Video on demand). Content that can be viewed, on demand, by the viewer.

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