Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Documentary/Series | English | 19 Seasons (142 episodes). Each episode approximately 42 minutes


For 19 seasons, travel writer/personality Anthony Bourdain travelled around the world visiting places as exotic as the Congo, Saigon, Cuba and as contemporary as New York and Las Vegas. He shunned the elite and instead looked for the common people: chefs in small local restaurants, waiters, cab drivers, and vendors at street markets. The purpose of each segment was to teach viewers something about the place Bourdain was visiting. He even included in his travels controversial localities like Armenia and Old Jerusalem. But he always did so with genuine interest and curiosity about the people and always with the deepest compassion. And, boy, did he love to sample the local cuisine. Each episode is something to behold and cherish. Anthony Bourdain is no longer with us but he left an unforgettable legacy.

Major Participants: Anthony Bourdain and the hundreds of chefs, cab drivers, waiters, and guides he met in each city and country he covered.
Why Stream This Film?
Anthony Bourdain was that rare travel writer/personality who always looked for the local street people, the true hoi poloi, how they lived, breathed, and, of course, how they ate. He was curious in hearing what made the particular city or country he was in so special. He listened with a keen understanding and always with the utmost compassion.  
  • Primetime Emmy Awards: Winner, Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming; Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming
  • Critics Choice Television Awards: Winner, Best Reality Series
  • American Cinema Editors, USA: Winner, Best Edited Reality Series
Given his passion, generosity, and increasingly rare grace to know when his perspective might not be the most illuminating, we expected him to not just tell Armenia’s story, but to let Armenia tell its own story through good food and conversations broached in good faith. Sure enough, the episode made for one of the most considerate portraits of the country we’d ever seen for an audience that otherwise might never have considered it in as much depth.
Caroline Framke


Intelligence and honesty are a rare and therefore potent combination in nonfiction TV. When they appear together you notice. NO RESERVATIONS is in a very small group of personality-driven shows that make you feel smarter for having watched them.
Mike Hale

The New York Times

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