Mary and Max

Animation | English | 90 minutes

Eight-year-old Mary Daisy Dinkle lives lonely life in the Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverly.  She’s neglected by her factory-working Dad and alcoholic mother. One day in the post office, Daisy rips out a page from the New York City  phone book. Determined to be a pen pal to someone, she picks out the name from the page, Max Jerry Horowitz. Max is an obese Jewish atheist with mental and social problems. He is also afflicted with Asperger syndrome. Nevertheless, Max responds and a loving pen pal relationship begins. When  years later Max learns that Mary, now a university student, is planning to write a dissertation on Asperger’s,  using Max as a case study, he is furious and breaks off the relationship. Soon he realizes  he is not perfect  and neither is Mary. Max attempts a reconciliation hoping it’s not too late.
Major Participants (Voices)
Barry Humphries (Narrator) / Toni Collette (Mary Daisy Dinkle) / Philip Seymour Hoffman (Max Jerry Horowitz)
Why Stream This Film?
Why Stream This Film?  “MARY and MAX is a lovingly crafted and a startingly inventive piece of animation whose technical craft is equaled by bits of emotional resonance.” – RottenTomatoes Consensus
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 95%
  • Asia Pacific Screen Awards: Winner, Best Animated Feature
  • Australian Directors’ Guild: Winner, Best Direction (Adam Elliot)
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival: Winner, Grand Prize
A film of astonishing beauty, MARY and MAX is undoubtedly one of the best films of the year. To the animators’ and director’s credit, the style is never too showy or distracting from the unfolding story. Instead, it draws its audience in delicately, allowing its tones and shades to assist in setting the mood.
Daniel Gumble


This clay animation film feels as if it was written by early Woody Allen. Actually the genius behind it is Adam Elliot, who wrote, designed and directed this eccentric, wryly funny story of two pen pal friends.
Kate Muir


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