Million Dollar Arm

Drama | English and Hindi with English subtitles | 124 minutes


In a final effort to save his career, sports agent, J.B. Bernstein, comes to the realization that cricket players in India have the skills to be great baseball players. He travels to India and he conducts a competition to find  cricket players with the most potential. The competition measures the speed and accuracy of the pitch made by each contestant. J.B. calls it the search for the “Million Dollar Arm.” Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel win the competition. When J.B. returns to America with his two potential stars, he realizes they do not speak English or  understand American ways.  And, while adjusting to their new country, Rinku and Dinesh must also learn the fundamentals of baseball. With the support of his neighbor, Brenda, J.B. inculcates in Rinku and Dinesh, the necessary skills, teamwork, and discipline necessary to become professional baseball players. A true story, Rinku and Dinesh are signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates, J.B.’s career is revived, and he and Brenda get married and raise a family, possibly future baseball stars.  

Jon Hamm (J.B. Bernstein) / Suraj Sharma (Rinku) / Madhur Mittal (Dinesh) / Lake Bell (Brenda)
Why Stream This Film?
Do not be deterred by the low Rotten Tomatoes rating. Million Dollar Arm is an inspiration. It’s not only a true story about determination and teamwork, but it also highlights the interest of baseball globally.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 65%
  • Metacritic Score: 56
  • Heartland Film Festival: Winner, Truly Moving Picture Award
  • Teen Choice Awards: Nominated, Best Movie Drama; Best Movie Actor (Jon Hamm)
Dutifully covering all the requisite inspirational sports bases, yet still managing to throw a few curves into the mix, MILLION DOLLAR ARM assuredly hits a home run.” 
Michael Rechtshaffen

The Hollywood Reporter

This sharp, slickly produced addition to the Disney sports movie canon works as both a stirring underdog tale and as a revealing look at the expanding global footprint of the American sports-entertainment machine.
Scott Foundas


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