Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris 

Comedy/Drama | English, French with English subtitles | 115 minutes


Ada Harris, a widowed cleaning lady living in London, becomes obsessed with the fantasy of one day owning a Dior dress. When Ada unexpectedly receives a war-widow’s pension, she decides to fly to Paris and attends the showing of Dior’s 10th anniversary collection. When Ada inquires about Dior making her a dress, Natasha, the Dior director,  dismisses Ada as a middle-class interloper and treats her badly. However, because Ada offers to pay cash, and the Dior firm is financially strapped,  Claudine agrees.    Ada hears that the financial crunch at Dior is forcing Claudine to fire staff. Ada convinces Christian Dior that the way to recover is to modernize the line and appeal  to a younger clientele. Ada returns to London with the new dress. However when the dress is destroyed in a fire, Ada’s friends at Dior, whose jobs Ada saved, make her a new dress, far better than the original.


Lesley Manville (Ada Harris) / Isabelle Huppert (Claudine Colbert) / Philippe Bertin (Christian Dior)

Why Stream This Film?
Just what we  need today: a charming, feel-good film with an enchanting Lesley Manville in the lead.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 95%
  • Metacritic Score: 70
This kind of cherishable charmer is an endangered species so don’t pass it by. The sublime Lesley Manville transports us to a place of pure movie enchantment.
Peter Travers

Good Morning America

Suspend all disbelief, throw logic to the wind, and just enjoy it for the entertainment value it provides.
Rex Reed

The Observer

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