2020 | LGBTQ | 93 minutes | English


Sam and Tusker, partners for 20 years, are traveling across England’s Lake District.  Sam, a concert pianist, is scheduled to give a performance in a nearby town. Tragically, Tusker has been diagnosed with a virulent form of dementia. His condition is rapidly worsening and both realize  the end is near. They make a stop at the home of Lilly, Sam’s sister, and her husband Clive. While there, Tusker has planned  a surprise birthday party for Sam. Tusker  prepared an eloquent toast expressing his love for Sam but he is unable to read it. In a heartbreaking moment, Sam reads Tusker’s toast. Tusker is determined  when he can no longer function and control his life, he will end it. A devastated Sam tells Tusker when that moment comes, he wants to be at his side. 

Colin Firth (Sam) / Stanley Tucci (Tusker) / Pippa Haywood (Lilly) / Peter MacQueen (Clive)
Why Stream This Film?
Written and directed by Harry Macqueen, with compassion and sensitivity, Supernova is a heartbreaking look at the emotional toll that comes when facing the loss of a much-loved partner. 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 88%
  • Metacritic Score: 73
  • AARP Movie Awards: Winner, Best Grownup Love Story
  • San Sebastián International Film Festival: Nominated, Best Film
Firth are Tucci are both phenomenal in the movie, finding so many grace notes that elevate a story that could have been maudlin into something that feels truly empathetic. The film ranks among career-best work from both actors.
Brian Tallerico

It’s rare to see a cinematic drama executed with such consistent care as SUPERNOVA. And in this film, that care pays off to devastating effect. As performers, Tucci and Firth are men of passion but also men of integrity. In Tucci’s voice you hear both mordancy and the deepest kind of compassion.
Glenn Kenny

The New York Times

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