The Fiancés (I Fidanzati)

Drama | Italian with English subtitles | 77 minutes


Opening in a dance hall with lonely couples dancing languidly, Giovanni and Liliana sit at a table. They have little  to say to each other and rarely make eye contact. Despite the apparent coldness between them, you sense they care for each other. The heartbreak occurs when Giovanni tells Liliana that he accepted a job as a welder in an industrial plant in Sicily and he’ll be away for 18 months. He tries to comfort Liliana by telling her in these hard times in post-war Italy, this is an opportunity that hundreds of others would quickly grab. Having a well-paying job is a blessing  but Giovanni soon realizes how much he misses Liliana.   

Carlo Cabrini (Giovanni) / Anna Canzi (Liliana)
Why Stream This Film?
Ermanno Olmi’s riveting  depiction of post-war Italy, using non-actors and real-life locations. It’s a Neorealist film done to perfection.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Cannes Film Festival: Nominated, Palme d’Or; Winner, OCIC- International Catholic Organization Award (Ermanno Olmi)

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THE FIANCES, aside from being a long-distance love story, is also a meditation of life in post-war Italy.
Nicholas Page

Italian Foreign Films

A sobering romantic tale about how absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Dennis Schwartz

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