The Trial of the Chicago 7

Docudrama/ Courtroom Drama| English | 130 minutes


In August 1968, Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Lee Weiner, John Froines, and Bobby Seale decide to protest the Vietnam War at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Chaos erupts with violence between the protesters and the Chicago police. It captures national attention. Attorney General John Mitchell is determined to prosecute these eight  to the full extent of the law as an example to others who try to protest the Vietnam War. Seven of the defendants are represented by lawyer William Kunstler. Bobby Seale opts out, informing the judge he prefers to use his own attorney. Knowing  his co-defendants will be found guilty and face prison, Tom Hayden, in his closing statement, recites the names of the 4,752 Americans who died in Vietnam since the trial began. Many in the courtroom stand and bow their heads.   

Sacha Baron Cohen (Abbie Hoffman) / Eddie Redmayne (Tom Hayden) / Alex Sharp (Rennie Davis) / Jeremy Strong (Jerry Rubin) / John Carroll Lynch (David Dellinger) / Noah Robbins (Lee Weiner) / Daniel Flaherty (John Froines) / Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Bobby Seale) / Mark Rylance (William Kunstler) / Michael Keaton (Ramsey Clark) / Frank Langella (Judge Julius Hoffman) / John Doman (John Mitchell, Attorney General)
Why Stream This Film?
It’s really about how the Vietnam War tore apart American society in the ’60s. The trial, with a beleaguered Judge Hoffman presiding,  was truly out-of-control. But, maybe that what was needed to end this tragic war.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 91%
  • Metacritic: 76
  • It is expected that a record-breaking seven members of the cast will be nominated for an Oscar.

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Aaron Sorkin’s counterculture docudrama is a knockout! Sacha Baron Cohen and Eddie Redmayne lead a superb ensemble in a dramatization of the infamous circus of a ’60s conspiracy trial. Sorkin’s film is as charged and relevant today as it was then.
Owen Gleiberman


Clearly, this is a powerhouse cast, and they all relish the opportunity to chew on Sorkin’s timely and provocative language. There are such wonderful individual moments and beats in THE TRIAL of the CHICAGO 7 that just watching it as an acting exercise makes it worthwhile.
Brian Tallerico

Who better than Sorkin to give us an instant classic of a courtroom drama, filled with crackling exchanges and stunning outbursts? One might be excused for believing Sorkin is engaging in melodramatic histrionics–but much of this story is rooted in fact. 
Richard Roeper

Chicago Sun-Times

THE TRIAL of the CHICAGO 7 is like a little gift in this very complicated year–relevant, smart and very entertaining.”–
Lindsey Bahr

Associated Press

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