The Wind Rises 

Animation | Japanese, English dubbed
126 minutes

In 1925, Jiro Horikoshi, a talented aeronautical engineer, is assigned by Mitsubishi to design a Japanese fighter plane.  His mentor, Giovanni Battista Caproni tells Jiro, “The world is better for the beauty of planes, even if humankind might put them to terrible purposes.” While at Imperial University, Jiro falls in love with Nahoko Satomi. Nahoko refuses to marry a heartbroken Jiro because she has tuberculosis, then an incurable disease. Jiro perfects the fighter plane but witnesses how his planes start World War II (Pearl Harbor) and the ultimate destruction of Japan. 

Main Participants (Voices, English dubbed):
Jiro Horikoshi (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) / Nahoko Satomi (Emily Blunt) / Giovanni Battista Caproni (Stanley Tucci)
Why Stream This Film?
The Wind Rises is loosly based on the real-life story of Jiro, a talented aeronautical engineer.  He perfected Japan’s deadly Zero fighter planes only to witness  how these planes would eventually lead to    the ultimate destruction of Japan. 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 88%
  • Metacritic Score: 83
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best Animated Feature
  • Boston Society of Film Critics: Winner, Best Animated Feature
  • Golden Globe Awards: Nominated, Best Foreign Language Film
  • National Board of Review: Winner, Best Animated Film
  • New York Film Critics Circle: Winner, Best Animated Film
  • Toronto Film Critics Association: Winner, Best Animated Feature
Hayao Miyazaki’s hauntingly beautiful historical epic draws a sober portrait of Japan between the two World Wars.   The Wind Rises is an elegiac, hauntingly beautiful historical drama inspired by the life of aviation engineer Jiro Horikoshi.
Scott Foundas


Hayao Miyazaki’s final feature is a breathtaking dream of flying crafted with hand-drawn attention to detail – a rich treat for the eye and soul alike.
Mark Kermode

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