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A French Village

In June 1940, German military forces occupied the fictional French village of Villeneuve. They quickly took control of all aspects of the village’s life and businesses. All political dissent and resistance were brutally suppressed…

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The Heavy Water

During World War II, Hitler was determined to beat the U.S. in developing an atomic bomb…

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The Library Thief

Not to be confused with The Book Thief, a 20th Century Fox film, or with The Library Book” by Susan Orlean. The Library Thief is based on a true story. John Johansson, brilliant but hapless, is fired from his teaching job in Stockholm…

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The War Is Over

In this touching real-life drama, an engineer and a group of educators care for Jewish orphans after World War II…

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This series grievously depicts the deep-divide between two families in Communist East Germany before unification. Hans Kupfer, and his son Falk, are senior officers at the East German Security office…

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