Category: Classic Oldie

The Bicycle Thieves

In war-torn Rome, jobs are very scarce. Antonio is lucky. He is offered a job posting advertising bills. However, the job requires the use of a bicycle, which…

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The Grapes of Wrath

An adaptation of John Steinbeck’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel of the same name, the film, directed by John Ford, follows the excruciating journey of the Joad family from the Oklahoma dust bowl to a hopefully new life in California. They pack everything into a dilapidated 1926 Hudson sedan…

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The Stranger

Mr. Wilson of the United Nations War Crimes Commission has been hunting Nazi war criminal Franz Kindler for some time. He hasn’t had much success. So he decides to release incarcerated Nazi criminal, Meinike, hoping Meinike will lead him to Kindler…

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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Staying in a flophouse, two vagrants, Fred Dobbs and Bob Curtin, encounter Howard, a grizzled but wise old prospector, who regales them with stories about finding gold in the Sierra Madre mountains. Luck is with…

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