Category: 1948

The Bicycle Thieves

In war-torn Rome, jobs are very scarce. Antonio is lucky. He is offered a job posting advertising bills. However, the job requires the use of a bicycle, which…

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He Walked By Night

Roy Morgan is a brilliant but diabolical murderer who eludes capture by eavesdropping on the police radio frequencies. It starts when Roy shoots and kills a patrolman when Roy is suspected of being a burglar. There are…

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Red River

In 1851, Thomas Dunson, his trail hand Groot, and his adopted son, Matt, start a cattle ranch in Texas with one cow and one bull. Dunson names his spread the Red River D. After 14 years of fending off Indian attacks and…

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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Staying in a flophouse, two vagrants, Fred Dobbs and Bob Curtin, encounter Howard, a grizzled but wise old prospector, who regales them with stories about finding gold in the Sierra Madre mountains. Luck is with…

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