Nicky’s Family

Docudrama | Czech and English with English subtitles | 96 minutes


While preparing for a ski holiday, Nicholas Winton, a British stockbroker, was asked by a friend to check out the dire conditions for Jews in Nazi-occupied  Czechoslovakia. Cancelling his vacation, Winton heads for Prague where he is appalled with the extent of Nazi brutality. Winton is especially aghast when he is approached by parents pleading him to save their children.  With courage and deftness, Winton set up his own Kindertransport, saving hundreds of children from probable extermination.  His plan was to transport the children by train and ferry to England where they would be safe. Winton kept meticulous records so the children could be united with their parents after the war. Equally courageous were the parents who tearfully put their children on the train not knowing if they will  see them again.  

Major Participants:
Nicholas Winton and the hundreds of people who survived  in Nazi-occupied  Czechoslovakia thanks to Winton.  The character of Nicholas Winton is also dramatized by the actor Ben Abeles
Why Stream This Film?

 The film,  Nicky’s Family, will emotionally move you. Perhaps even to tears. Guaranteed!

  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 64%
  • Metacritic Score: 52
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: Winner, Best Director (Matej Minac)
  • Sedona International Film Festival:Winner, Best Feature Documentary
  • Jerusalem Film Festival: Winner, Best Documentary
  • Montreal World Film Festival: Winner, Best Documentary

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A great true story and a great man come together in this real heart-warmer of a documentary.
David Noh

Film Journal International

NICKY’S FAMILY is an enthralling documentary that artfully tells the story of how Mr. Winton, a British stockbroker, gave up a 1938 skiing holiday to answer a friend’s request for help in Prague. He worked frantically placing youngsters in English homes and told nobody, not even his wife.
Anita Gates

The New York Times

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