The Current War: Director’s Cut 

Docudrama | English | 107 minutes


In 1880, Thomas Edison introduced the electric lightbulb utilizing Direct Current (DC). Edison maintained that DC was cheaper and cleaner than gaslight. However, manufacturers were initially dubious claiming DC  had a limited range and needed expensive wiring. George Westinghouse, assisted by the talented Nikola Tesla, was convinced  Alternating Current (AC) was the better option: AC can work longer distances at lower cost. The competition came to a head as both inventors attempted to display their inventions at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Like a good mystery, the film generates suspense as we wonder who the winner will be.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Thomas Edison) / Michael Shannon (George Westinghouse) / Nicholas Hoult (Nikola Tesla)
Why Stream This Film?
We flick a switch and the room lights up. We never give  a thought how this all happened – how it began – and the fierce competition by the two inventors. The Current War: Director’s Cut should be seen by everyone, especially students.   
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 61%
  • Metacritic Score: 55

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Just on the basis of its story, THE CURRENT WAR: DIRECTOR’S CUT was bound to be some kind of good movie. The battle to light up America’s cities – the head-to-head competition between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse in the late 19th century – is a history rich with intrigue, import and large personalities, and it has the additional advantage of being unknown to most viewers.
Mick LaSalle

San Francisco Chronicle

This is an extraordinarily handsome movie, packed with striking visuals. The opulent interiors by director of photography Chung Chung-hoon make the picture a feast for the eyes.
Soren Andersen

The Seattle Times

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