All Screwed Up

Drama | Italian with English subtitles | 105 minutes


A Workers from rural southern Italy relocate to Milan, share a house, and try to adjust living in a big city. Gino and Carletto find jobs in a factory while Isotta is being trained by her friend Biki to be a maid. They are joined by Sante and Mariuccia, his pregnant girlfriend. Living under one roof, members of the group encounter sexual complications while others have difficulty finding satisfying work. Unable to make ends meet, a few resort to crime making the situation for everyone much worse.

Luigi Diberti (Gino) / Nino Bignamini (Carletto) / Giuliana Calandra (Biki) / Isa Danieli (Isotta) / Renato Rotondo (Sante) / Lina Polito (Mariuccia)
Why Stream This Film?
All Screwed Up is a searing depiction by Wertmüller of wretched and desperate people migrating from rural southern Italy to the big and challenging city of Milan.
It’s  strident, ecstatic, restless, perceptive, humane, despairing. It takes banal material and sizzles it electrically into new life.
Stanley Kauffmann

The New Republic

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