Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

1999 | Musical | 76 minutes | English


The film is based on the Biblical story of Joseph and his brothers. Jacob, the father, favors Joseph, much to the resentment of Joseph’s brothers. When Jacob gives Joseph a beautiful multi-colored coat, the brothers are furious. One day, while in the field, the brothers sell Joseph to a passing caravan heading to Egypt. Joseph is housed in Pharaoh’s palace. Joseph’s master in the palace is Potiphar, Pharaoh’s courtier.   When Joseph rejects the advances of Potiphar’s wife,  he is thrown in jail. But Joseph is very gifted in interpreting dreams. He interprets one of Pharaoh’s dreams and saves Egypt from starvation. As a result, Joseph becomes one of the most powerful men in Egypt. With famine raging in the area Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt desperately seeking food. Joseph recognizes them. In an utmost example of biblical compassion, Joseph forgives his brothers. 

Donny Osmond (Joseph) / Maria Friedman (Narrator) / Richard Attenborough (Jacob) / Robert Torti (Pharaoh) / Ian McNeice (Potiphar) / Joan Collins (Mrs. Potiphar)
Why Stream This Film?
It’s that rare musical film that both children and adults will love. The different musical styles are thrilling: twangy country-western, Elvis-style rock, Caribbean calypso, and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s popular brand of catchy power pop.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 86%
  • The film was a big success on PBS’ “Great Performance.


This engaging version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s very first production is a sweet, candy-colored confection for the entire family. What separates this from CATS is a refreshing, self-mocking humor, which prevents this show from developing any stuffy pretensions.
Michael Dequina

JOSEPH retains all the sparkling wit, style, and melodies of the original Broadway musical. In a nimble 76 minutes, viewers get a banquet of different musical styles. Donny Osmond’s all-American good looks make him a very likable Joseph. The real find, however, is Maria Friedman. Introduced as a mousy schoolteacher, she blossoms into a superb narrator. The themes of sibling rivalry and ultimate forgiveness are universal.

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