I Lost My Body

2019 | Animation | 81 minutes | In French | Available on Netflix November 15, 2019


Naoufel, is a kid happily living in North Africa, has lost his hand, how, we don’t know. But the hand manages to escape the freezer in the hospital lab and is now searching to find Naoufel’s body.  Naoufel is a kid happily living in North Africa. His life is shattered when his parents die in a car crash. He is sent to live with mean-spirited Uncle Georges in Paris. He scrapes by as a delivery boy in a pizza joint when. during a botched delivery, he meets Gabrielle, a lovely librarian. He’s smitten. She gets him a job at her uncle’s carpentry shop and things are looking up for Naoufel. Meanwhile, the dismembered hand is in hot pursuit to find Naoufel’s body. The hand faces many obstacles: a fierce pigeon and an attack by feral rats in a metro subway station. The hand is mourning the loss of its body and Naoufel is struggling to survive. If the hand and Naoufel can  be rejoined, maybe they can both finally again  find happiness.

Hakim Faris (French version) and Dev Patel (English version): Naoufel / Victoire Du Bois (French version) and Alia Shawkat (English version):  Gabrielle / Patrick d’Assumçao (French version) and George Wendt (English version): Georges  
Why Stream This Film?
Peter Debruge, in his review in VARIETY, wrote that I LOST MY BODY is “one of the most original and creative animated features I’ve ever seen.” Amen! 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Cannes International Film Festival: Winner, Nespresso Grand Prize 
  • Annecy International Animated Film Festival: Audience Award

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At once creepy and melancholic, I LOST MY BODY employs its unlikely horror scenario  (Director/Writer Clapin doesn’t shy away from the gore, especially in the opening scenes) to channel something deeper and darker, going beyond the mere sensational to arrive at the personal. The film is as much about a hand mourning the loss of its body as it is about Naoufel coming to terms with the losses he has experienced in his short, sad life. If he can somehow piece things back together, he may finally become whole again.
- Jordan Mintzer

The Hollywood Reporter

I’d hazard to say that I LOST MY BODY is one of the most original and creative animated features I’ve ever seen: macabre, of course—how could it be otherwise, given the premise?—but remarkably captivating and unexpectedly poetic in the process.
Peter Debruge


A sinuous, thought-provoking medley of creative leaps that coalesce into an unpredictable narrative gem, I LOST MY BODY is sit up and take notice animation. Much of the film’s undeniable poetry stems from being anchored in a pre-digital realm. The musical score and especially the sound design are equal partners with the visuals in achieving this haunting film’s cumulative resonance.
Lisa Nesselson




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