2018 | Animation | Dubbed in English; another version in Japanese with English subtitles | 98 minutes


For four-year old Kun it all began with the arrival of his baby sister Mirai (Japanese for “future”). The parents, especially the mother, are unaware of how showering so much attention on the baby can be so painful to their young son. Kun becomes so jealous that he has tantrums and even comes close to hitting the baby. He’s a hand full. He takes refuge in the garden where he has hallucinations: His dog, Yukko, becomes human and he sees a middle school girl who claims to be a grown up Mirai. One day the family decides to enjoy a day in the country. Kun throws a tantrum when he’s told that he has to wear blue pants rather than his favorite yellow pants. He runs to the garden and broods. When he returns to the house, his family is gone. Kun then has more hallucinations about getting lost in a railroad station and not remembering his name and address. This nightmare affects Kun. He now decides it’s okay to wear the blue pants. He also has a better understanding of his parents and how nice it is to have a baby sister.

Cast (Voices)
English Version, Japanese Version: Jaden Waldman, Moka Kamishiraishi (Kun) / Victoria Grace, Haru Kuroki (Mirai) / John Cho, Gen Hoshino (the father) / Rebecca Hall, Kumiko Aso (the mother)
Why Stream This Film?
It’s a psychological film about the emotional rage of a four-year old boy after the arrival of his baby sister.  It’s a film that’s beautiful to look and it’s heart-tugging. See it with a box of tissue by your side. 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 92
  • Metacritic Score: 81
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best Animated Feature
  • Annie Awards:  Best Animated Feature
  • Golden Globes Awards: Nominated, Best Animated Feature Film
  • Florida Film Critics Circle Awards: Best Animated Feature
  • Japan Academy Prize: Animation of the Year

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The film explodes with gorgeous images, and the little boy at its vibrant center finds answers to questions too big for him to conceive of, let alone to articulate: Who am I, how did I come to be who I am, and where did I belong in this grand design called family? With a running time of only 98 minutes, MIRAI covers a lot of ground.
Joe Morgenstern

The Wall Street Journal

Fluctuating between the minor daily occurrences of Kun’s life and his touching sojourns into the past and future, Hosoda’s film privileges moments of emotion over belabored story mechanics. Thus, it gathers complexity without sacrificing any of its guileless modesty. In the best possible way, MIRAI feels like the dream of a very wise child.
Bilge Ebiri

The New York Times

MIRAI, the latest from Japan’s Mamoru Hosoda, turns an animated tale about a boy and his baby sister into something profound. You are in the presence of Japanese animation artist Mamoru Hosoda, who again transforms the seemingly conventional into a magic carpet ride of time and memory.
Peter Travers

Rolling Stone



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