The Glass Menagerie

1973 | Broadway/Drama | 1:40 | English


Abandoned by her husband, Amanda Wingfield supports herself and her handicapped daughter Laura by selling subscriptions from her dilapidated apartment in St. Louis. Also living with them is her son Tom, a construction worker. Amanda wants Laura to train as a secretary but Laura is only interested in her glass animal figurines. Amanda urges Tom to bring home a friend to meet Laura. A “gentleman caller.” Tom finally relents and invites his co-worker Jim. Laura remembered Jim as one of the most popular boys in high school and she is terrified. Amanda is able to settle things down and manages to have Laura and Jim spend some time together. Jim senses Laura’s lack of self-esteem and draws her out by expressing his interest in her glass menagerie. Jim even persuades Laura to dance with him. Flustered, Laura, who has a severe limp, stumbles and breaks off the horn from one of the glass unicorns. Amanda is hoping for the best until Jim tells Laura he is engaged to a woman named Betty. Amanda berates Tom for building up Laura’s hopes. Tom wants to leave this toxic environment but he also fears for Laura living with such a delusional mother. 

Katharine Hepburn (Amanda Wingfield) / Sam Waterston (Tom Wingfield) / Joanna Miles (Laura Wingfield) / Michael Moriarty (Jim O’Connor)
Why Stream This Play?
In this semi-autobiographical play, playwright Tennessee Williams poured out his heart and soul. The result is his most heart-rendering, compassionate work by the playwright.
  • Primetime Emmy Awards: Winners, Best Supporting Actor, Drama (Michael Moriarty); Best Supporting Actress ( Joanna Miles); Nominated, Best Actress, Drama (Katharine Hepburn);  Best Actor, Drama (Sam Waterston)
  • Directors Guild of America Awards: Nominated, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television (Anthony Harvey)
THE GLASS MENAGERIE is a quite lovely production of an exceptionally lovely play. Katharine Hepburn’s Amanda is a wonderfully effective blend of Southern gentility and fierce determination. In this production, the roles of Laura (Joanna Miles) and Jim (Michael Moriarty) are indeed flawless.
John J. O'Connor

The New York Times



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