Haute Cuisine

2012 | Comedy/Drama | 95 minutes | French with English subtitles


Based on a true story. Hortense Laborie gets the job of a lifetime when the President of France appoints her to be his personal chef at the Élysée Palace. Hortense battles fierce resentment from  the kitchen staff, but she wins over the president by cooking just what he wants: simple, authentic French food. Although she receives the president’s approval,  Hortense continues to remain vulnerable to the many traps set  by members of her jealous kitchen staff.

Catherine Frot (Hortense) / Jean d’Ormesson (French President)
Why Stream This Film?
A few film critics felt the film lacked a “distinctive flavor profile.” Decide for yourself. I found the film to be uplifting and a sheer delight. It’s about the preparations of delicious food, beautiful architecture, and the hard work of a woman persevering through dangerous and unknown territory.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 68%
  • Metacritic Score: 61
  • Provincetown International Film Festival: Winner, Best Narrative Film
  • César Awards, France: Nominated, Best Actress (Catherine Frot)
  • Lumiere Awards, France: Nominated, Best Actress (Catherine Frot)

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Delicious in every way: a must for foodies, but for anyone who wants to see beautiful work done on the screen, presented in the most prideful way.
David Noh

Film Journal

This movie keeps up a vigorous pace and carries you along on the force of its self-confidence.
Hank Sartin


HAUTE CUISINE has abundant charm and it leaves you hungry, which is all we ask of a food movie.
Moira Macdonald

Seattle Times

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