Pillow Talk

Comedy | In English | 102 minutes | 1959


This film was made at the time when having a telephone party line was common. Jan Morrow, an interior decorator, and the composer Brad Allen, a womanizing bachelor, share such a line.  Jan complains that Brad is hogging the line wooing one woman after another while crooning his latest song to each of them. One evening Brad sees Jan dancing in a nightclub and learns who she is. Anxious to meet her, Brad masquerades as a wealthy Texas rancher. Jan is excited with this new friend until she finds out who he really is. Trying to win her back, Brad’s housekeeper, Alma, suggests that Brad hire Jan to decorate his apartment. Like all good comedies, after a few twists and turns, it all ends happily.

Rock Hudson (Brad Allen) / Doris Day (Jan Morrow) / Thelma Ritter (Alma) / Tony Randall (Jonathan Forbes)
Why Stream This Film?
The film is particularly noteworthy for reinventing the screen images of the two stars. Doris Day has been transformed into a sexpot while being draped in 28 outfits by the legendary designer Jean Louis. Rock Hudson added another dimension to his acting portfolio by playing a comic of the highest order. Isn’t it the end-all when Rock Hudson, pretending to be a Texas rancher, drawls to a smitten Doris Day, “You give me a real warm feeling, like a potbellied stove on a frosty morning.” 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus) 92% 92%
  • The New York Times: 10 Best Films of 1959
  • Golden Globes: Best Musical or Comedy; Doris Day nominated for Best Actress
  • Academy Awards: Doris Day nominated for Best Actress; Thelma Ritter nominated for Best Supporting Actress

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A nice old-fashioned device, the telephone party line, serves as a quaint convenience to bring together Rock Hudson and Doris Day in what must be cheerfully acknowledged as one of the most lively and up-to-date comedy romances of the year. It is really the clever, witty screenplay that accounts for much of the sparkle in this film. Their devices are crisp, their dialogue funny, and their cinema mechanics are neat. Frequent clever use of a split screen makes for fresh and appropriate drolleries. This fun is transmitted to the audience in an easy and generous flow of ingeniously graphic situations and nimble repartee.
Bosley Crowther

The New York Times


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