Just Mercy

2019 | Drama/Courtroom Drama | 136 minutes | English


This is the true story of Walter McMillan who in 1987 Alabama was falsely convicted of murder and was facing execution. Bryan Stevenson, a young defense attorney, originally from the Northeast, hears about the case and decides to appeal the conviction. Bryan finds that Walter’s conviction lacked any forensic evidence or motive. The conviction was based entirely on the “eyewitness” testimony of Ralph Myers,   an unstable convicted felon. Shocking still, Ralph was threatened with execution if he didn’t identify Walter as the killer. Despite all this, Bryan finds that the local legal system and community are convinced that Walter is guilty and a retrial will only cause further suffering to the victim’s family. Together with a local cracker-jack assistant, Eva Ansley, Bryan relentlessly plods ahead, bucking the local rednecks and corrupt lawmakers to exonerate someone Bryan is convinced is innocent. Today, with DNA technology, we are finding many prisoners were indeed wrongly convicted. 

Michael B.Jordan (Bryan Stevenson) / Jamie Foxx (Walter McMillian) / Brie Larson (Eva Ansley) / Tim Blake Nelson (Ralph Myers)
Why Stream This Film?
Capital punishment has been a burning issue in the United States for many years, even reaching the Supreme Court, where it was upheld. But support (and supporters) for capital punishment has been ebbing. In many states it is unlawful. Sitting on the fence on this issue? If so, grab your remote and stream this film sooner than later.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 82%
  • Metacritic Score: 68
  • National Board of Review: Freedom of Expression Award
  • Screen Actors Guild Award: Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role (Jamie Foxx)
  • AARP’s Movies for Grownups Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Jamie Foxx)
From its smooth visuals and warm, swinging sounds to its magnificent performances, JUST MERCY is masterfully constructed to keep us inside a story that otherwise would be too brutal to bear.
Ann Hornaday

The Washington Post

Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan make an electric team in the true, debate-provoking story of an innocent man on death row.
Richard Roeper

Chicago Sun Times

I found JUST MERCY profoundly moving and, at times, almost unbearably sad, as when Walter’s fellow death row inmate, Herbert Richardson, a shy Vietnam veteran with PTSD, is put to death. It’s a chilling sequence and a striking cinematic indictment of the death penalty.
Sara Stewart

New York Post



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