Fanny’s Journey

Docudrama | English | 94 minutes


France was occupied by the Germans during most of World War II. Teen-aged Fanny and other Jewish children were sent by their parents to live in the country with families who would protect them from the Nazis and the collaborationist Vichy government. A local priest turns them in and they must flee. They receive shelter with Madame Forman at her home in Italian-occupied southeastern France. When Mussolini is overthrown, the Germans take over and the children are again forced to flee. A compassionate farmer allows the children to hide on his farm. The Germans are searching for Jews throughout the area so once again, Fanny and her group must move on. Fanny realizes there is only one solution: to cross the border and find safety in neutral Switzerland.They succeed. Now they must find  their parents, if they are still alive. 

Léonie Souchaud (Fanny) / Cécile de France (Madame Forman)
Why Stream This Film?
Forced by the treachery and cowardice of the French police and a member of the clergy in German-occupied France, a group of courageous children, led by Fanny, manage to escape to neutral Switzerland. It’s high drama and it’s true!
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 95%
  • St. Louis International Film Festival: Winner, Best Feature Film
  • Atlanta Jewish Film Festival: Winner, Best Narrative Feature
  • Hamburg Film Festival: Best Screenplay (Lola Doillon)
  • Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival: Winner, Best Narrative Feature
FANNY’S JOURNEY is a handsome, compelling period piece that deftly portrays events through the eyes of its young protagonists. The final moving scenes can’t help but provoke comparisons and discussions of what is now happening to immigrants at European borders.
Alissa Simon


In her film, FANNY’S JOURNEY, an adaptation of Fanny Ben-Ami’s memoirs, Lola Doillon (daughter of director Jacques Doillon) dramatizes Ben-Ami’s experiences with suspense and restraint, relying on a strong cast of young actors, especially the extraordinarily talented Souchaud as Fanny.
Peter Keough

Boston Globe

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