Temple Grandin

Docudrama | English | 107 minutes


Temple Grandin, a young, precocious girl, was diagnosed with severe autism as a child. Doctors recommended she be institutionalized. Temple’s mother Eustacia refuses to do so. Instead she labors long and hard to teach Temple enough skills so she can get along in society. As a teenager, Temple spends a summer at her Aunt Ann’s cattle ranch in Arizona. Temple find the ranch uplifting as she studies the moods of cows and horses. She attends Franklin Pierce College. Inspired by her teacher Dr. Carlock, Temple pursues science courses. After graduation she attends Arizona State University and studies for a Masters in Animal Science. She designs a structure that allows cattle to voluntarily move through a pathway rather than be forced. It calms the cows and they become much easier to handle. Despite being dismissed by fellow cowhands, Temple is determined. Her design is praised by the press and Temple gets to enjoy a feeling of success. Temple and her mother attend the National Autistic Convention in 1981 where she answers many questions about autism. Temple has now transitioned to a life of being an activist. 

Claire Danes (Temple Grandin) / Julia Ormond (Eustacia) / David Strathairn (Dr. Carlock) / Catharine O’Hara (Aunt Ann)
Why Stream This Film?

NPR’s David Bianculli unambiguously named the film “the best tele-movie of the past several years…I can’t praise this movie highly enough. It’s not maudlin or sentimental, but it is excitingly inspirational. It scores big emotional points with very small touches, the sound of an animal’s heartbeat, a tentative touch, a victorious smile. The acting, writing, directing, production values, every sight and every sound in TEMPLE GRANDIN is perfect.”  

  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Golden Globe Awards: Winner, Best Performance By an Actress in a Motion Picture Made for Television (Claire Danes)
  • Primetime Emmy Awards: Winner, Outstanding Made for Television Movie; Outstanding Director (Mick Jackson); Outstanding Lead Actress (Claire Danes); Outstanding Supporting Actor (David Strathairn); Outstanding Supporting Actress (Julia Ormond)
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards: Winner, Outstanding Actress by a Female Actor in a Television Movie (Claire Danes)
  • The film received a perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes score
Claire Danes gives an Emmy-worthy portrayal, at once credible and incredible.
Barry Garron

The Hollywood Reporter

This narrative is loyal to Ms. Grandin’s credo: emotions are secondary to tangible results. And the result is a movie that is funny, instructive, and also intangibly charming.
Alessandra Stanley

The New York Times

As good as everyone is around them, TEMPLE GRANDIN belongs to two women: the real Temple, who appears to be a spectacular human being, and Claire Danes, who is clearly a spectacular actor.
Robert Bianco

USA Today



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