Breaking the Code – The Rise of Enigma

Documentary | English | 70 minutes


Breaking the Codes – The Rise of Enigma began when Marconi developed the first effective system of radio communication. This technology enabled military personnel, military units, and ships at sea to communicate  with each other, quickly and easily.  However, wireless communications had a major drawback: messages could be effortlessly tapped by the enemy. The solution was to transmit messages in code. This prompted Polish, American, and English mathematicians and linguists  to find ways to break the German codes, especially Enigma. And this they did, magnificently.

Major Participants:
David Kahn- Historian
William Woolard- Historian
Why Stream This Documentary? 
Historians have simply not given enough credit for the roles of the codebreakers in the Allied victories in both World Wars. Breaking the Code – The Rise of Enigma will be an eye-opener for most viewers.

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