Sitting Bull: A Stone In My Heart

Documentary | English | 83 minutes


Sitting  Bull: A Stone In My Heart is a  documentary that covers the life of the revered and heroic Lakota leader from 1830 to  his death on December 15, 1890. Featuring the actual words of Sitting Bull and over six hundred historical photographs and images, the documentary shows how determined Sitting Bull was  that the Lakota tribe, living on the Dakota plains, would not lose their identity, culture and their land to migrating U.S. settlers. On June 25,  1876, the Lakota and Cheyenne tribes, under the leadership of Sitting Bull, annihilated Lt. Col George Armstrong Custer’s 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn. In response, the U.S. government sent thousands more soldiers, with abundant military equipment, to subdue the tribes. Most surrendered. But Sitting Bull  and many of his followers moved to Canada. He remained there until 1881, at which time he and  his followers returned to the U.S. and surrendered. In 1885, Sitting Bull was allowed to leave captivity to be part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. It was, for Sitting Bull and the Native Americans who idolized him, a major humiliation. But the proud Sitting Bull was determined to use this opportunity to his tribe’s advantage:  He delivered many  speeches urging the education of young Native Americans and the need to reconcile differences and pursue peace. Too bad his efforts were in vain. 

Major Participant
Adam Fortunate Eagle translates and recites the words spoken by Sitting Bull. Adam was born on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in 1929. He was well-educated, attending the Pipestone Indian School in Minnesota and the Haskell Institute in Kansas. Adam was an instructor of Native American history at California State University.
Why Stream This Film?
 It’s rare that such a worthy film, still running in theaters and nominated for 10 Oscars, is also available for streaming.
  • Big Water Film Festival: Winner, Best Documentary
  • Fargo Film Festival: Second Place, Best Native American Voice


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The film, SITTING BULL, brings to life the little-known human side  as well as the complexities  of the leader of the great Sioux nation. It’s also the story of Sitting Bull’s  struggle to maintain his people’s way of life against an ever-expanding westward movement of white settlers. It makes for a powerful cinematic journey.

Sitting Bull was a complex figure, as much a spiritual leader for the Lakotas as he was a great warrior. There are few better places to go to get a spirited picture of his life than this documentary.

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