Yoo-Hoo Mrs. Goldberg

Documentary | English | 92 minutes


The phenomenally popular TV series, The Goldbergs, appeared at the height of the McCarthy era and the blacklisting of actors and writers suspected of being Communist sympathizers. Despite super-human efforts by the show’s creator, Gertrude Berg, Philip Loeb, a beloved cast member, was blacklisted. Without a job and without hope, Loeb committed suicide. Known as the Oprah of her day, Gertrude Berg delighted American audiences for many years. Her show, The Goldbergs, was on radio from 1929 to 1946  and reappeared on television from 1949 to 1956.  Her shows were filled with humor and love depicting a middle-class Jewish family confronting problems experienced by most American middle-class families. To communicate with each other, people simply opened their windows exchanging the latest news.  But Gertrude Berg also addressed vital issues of the day vigorously denouncing the   German-American Bund, the bigoted radio commentator Father Coughlin, and the evil nature of Nazi Germany. Interspersed in the documentary are interviews with the late Supreme Court Justice  Ruth Bader Ginsburg,  sitcom producer Norman Lear, and actor Ed Asner. Gertrude Berg produced, wrote, and starred in over 5,000 radio and TV episodes, an incredible achievement.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg / Norman Lear / Ed Asner / Susan Stamberg
Why Stream This Film?
Mrs.Goldberg’s neighborhood was diverse, sometimes contentious, but filled with an understanding for each other that is rare today. A feisty Gertrude Berg wrote each episode with warmth and compassion but also with a fury about the bad things that were going on in  America and the world.  Jenna Weissman Joselit, a cultural historian and professor at George Washington University, wrote,  “the window conversations that prevailed in the era of THE GOLDBERGS highlighted the lack of boundary between public and private spaces. It was a vision of community and neighborliness at a time they were on the verge of disappearing.”
  • Rotten Tomatoes. Score (Critics Consensus): 93%
  • Metacritic Score: 69
  • Women Film Critics Circle Awards: Winner, Gertrude Berg
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival: Winner, Freedom of Expression Award

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In her latest film, YOO-HOO, MRS. GOLDBERG,  Aviva Kempner once again educates and entertains with unexpected tidbits and just plain good old-fashioned filmmaking.
Leba Hertz

San Francisco Chronicle

The documentary YOO-HOO, MRS. GOLDBERG salutes Berg and her far-reaching influence.
Roger Ebert


An engrossing documentary portrait of a beloved radio and television star who died in 1966 and today is barely remembered.
Stephen Holden

The New York Times

YOO-HOO, MRS. GOLDBERG does an exemplary job celebrating the seminal achievements of Gertrude Berg and reaffirming her status as a broadcasting pioneer.
Ronnie Scheib


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