Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Drama | English | 112 minutes


Alice Hyatt’s husband is killed in an auto accident in New Mexico. Suddenly alone, with no support, Alice decides to sell her belongings and with her precocious 11-year-old son, Tommy, head to California. Like her childhood idol,  Alice Faye, Alice hopes to get a job as a singer. That doesn’t pan out. Fortunately, she does land a job at diner in Tucson, owned by a gruff but supportive owner Mel. Alice finds it  challenging being a waitress, but she’s helped by the no-nonsense, outspoken Flo, a fellow waitress. Feeling lonely and desperate, Alice meets David, a kindly  customer at the diner. They fall in love. David offers to sell his Tucson ranch and drive to California with her and Tommy. Alice is touched but she eventually decides to stay with David. Forget California. She’ll  find a singing gig in Tucson. Easy!

Ellen Burstyn (Alice Hyatt) / Alfred Lutter(Tommy Hyatt) / Diane Ladd (Florence) / Kris Kristofferson (David) / Vic Tayback (Mel)
Why Stream This Film?
 It’s a Martin Scorsese sleeper; many film critics regard it superior to his first film, “Mean Streets.”   Alice is a remarkable person with fight and determination to make it as a widow with a bright, outspoken 11-year-old son. It all works because Ellen Burstyn as Alice is simply magnificent.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 88%
  • Metacritic Score: 78
  • Academy Awards: Winner, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Ellen Burstyn); Nominated, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Diane Ladd; Nominated, Best Screenplay (Robert Getchell)
  • Golden Globe Awards: Nominated, Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Ellen Burstyn)
  • BAFTA Awards: Winner, Best Actress (Ellen Burstyn); Best Film; Best Supporting Actress (Diane Ladd); Best Screenplay (Robert Getchell)
  • National Board of Review: Listed, Top Ten Films of the Year
“ALICE DOESN’T LIVE HERE provides one of the most perceptive, funny, occasionally painful portraits of an American woman I’ve ever seen. There are great moments in a film that give us Alice Hyatt: female, thirty-four, undefeated.” 
Roger Ebert

“ALICE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE has the distinct advantage over most films by growing on you, by getting better and better as it goes along until, at the end, you look back over it with some wonder and pleasure with which you might suddenly acknowledge an unexpected friendship.” 
Vincent Canby

The New York Times

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