Brief Encounter

Drama | English | 87 minutes


Laura Jesson, a middle-class British woman, is  waiting to return home in a smoky railroad station. Some grit gets in her eye. Another waiting passenger, Dr. Alec Harvey, comes to her rescue and removes the grit. The two meet a few more times. The third time they enjoy lunch together and a movie at the Palladium. The casual relationship soon turns to something deeper and more intimate. But, alas,    they are both married. Not wishing to hurt their families, they agree to part. Alec has been offered a job in Johannesburg, South Africa, which he accepts. Laura is anxious to see Alec one more time for a final goodbye. Will this be their last time together?   

Celia Johnson (Laura Jesson) / Trevor Howard (Dr. Alec Harvey)
Why Stream This Film?
 The British Film Institute ranked Brief Encounter as the second-greatest British film of all time. Carol Reed’s The Third Man was #1.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 91%
  • Metacritic Score: 92
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best Actress in a Leading  Role (Celia Johnson); Best Director (David Lean); Best Screenplay (Anthony Havelock-Allan, Ronald Neame)
  • Cannes Film Festival: Winner, Best Feature Film
  • National Board of Review: Listed, Top Ten  Films of the Year
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Winner, Best Actress (Celia Johnson)
BRIEF ENCOUNTER is  intense and  and unforgettable, underscored by perfect use of Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto. A truly wonderful film.
Leonard Maltin

Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide

David Lean’s Brief Encounter is one of the most vivid, impassioned and painfully believable love stories ever committed to celluloid.
Tom Huddleston


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