Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Drama | English | 132 minutes


Following their victory  at Little Big Horn, the United States continued to push the Sioux off the Black Hills of the Dakotas, this time looking for gold. Facing resistance from Sioux chief Sitting Bull, Charles Eastman, a Native American and his future wife Elaine Goodale are asked to convince Sitting Bull to sign away the Sioux land. After seeing the impoverished living conditions of the Sioux, Eastman refuses to push Sitting Bull. Meanwhile, Senator Henry L. Dawes, head of  the Dawes Commission, enacts a law that will assimilate the Sioux into American society. All this fails. Sitting Bull knows this is really  an effort by the U.S. to strip his people of their identity, their dignity,  their sacred land. The U.S. attacks and destroys the Sioux nation in the battle at Wounded Knee. It’s the final defeat of the Native Americans. The end of their chapter.

Aidan Quinn (Senator Henry L. Dawes) / Anna Paquin (Elaine Goodale) / Adam Beach (Charles Eastman) / August Schellenberg (Sitting Bull)
Why Stream This Film?
It’s a wrenching film depicting the end of  Native American resistance. After 47years of warfare, the Native Americans lost about 90 million acres and 90,000 were made homeless. The lives, culture, and unity of most Native Americans are over. 
  • Primetime Emmy Awards: Winner, Outstanding Made for Television Movie; Outstanding Cinematography (David Franco). Nominated,  Outstanding Supporting Actor (Aidan Quinn); Outstanding Supporting Actress (Anna Paquin)
  • Broadcast Film Critics Award: Winner, Best Film Made for Television
Increasingly, our source for historical information has shifted from the library to the TV set. That makes WOUNDED KNEE valuable not just for its compelling storytelling but for its unswerving candor.”
Barry Garron

The Hollywood Reporter

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