Downton Abbey: The Movie

2019 | Drama | 122 minutes | In English


The story takes place in 1927. Robert Crawley receives a letter from King George and Queen Mary that as part of their royal tour of the country, the King and Queen  would like to stay over at Downton Abbey.  This creates a hub of activity as both the Crawley family and the servants, the cooks, and the staff grapple to get things in order. What they learn, to their surprise, is that the King and Queen are bringing their entire staff of helpers, including cooks, with them.  The royal visitors and their entourage completely take over running Downton Abbey. While the Crawleys scheme to keep control of the household, there are several sub-stories going on: there is an assassination attempt on the King, Lady Mary angers butler Barrow by asking the retired Mr. Carson to return, and Violet finds out from her doctor that her illness is terminal. When there is uncertainty that this way of life can continue, the proud Mr. Carson states that “Downton Abbey will stand for another hundred years with the Crawley family still living there.”


Hugh Bonneville (Robert Crawley) / Elizabeth McGovern (Cora Crawley) / Maggie Smith (Violet Crawley) / Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Talbot) / Jim Carter (Mr.Carson) / Simon Jones (King George V) / Geraldine James (Queen Mary)

Why Stream This Film?
People were addicted to the series when it ran for six seasons on public television. The lavishness of the lifestyle still caused friction and pain in the household. Viewers enjoyed seeing unimaginably wealthy people encounter the same problems like everyone else. The movie  continues the grandeur and the stories that were so captivating in the TV series. Here’s the best part: even if you did not watch the series, you’ll enjoy the movie. It’s fascinating and it’s beautiful.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 84%
  • Metacritic Score: 64
  • CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of “A.” PostTrak gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars with a “definite recommend.”

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Something wonderful happened in the translation from multipart TV series to two-hour movie. The plot of the DOWNTON ABBEY movie is brilliant, not so much because it is surprising, but because it allows every member of the cast to do what we expect of them. Arranging a royal visit might be stressful, but it is also exciting, and the long list of items on everyone’s to-do list will keep masters and servants too busy to ponder the sustainability of their way of life.
June Thomas

It’s all there in the title. DOWNTON ABBEY: THE MOVIE—more of the same, on a literally more majestic scale. Between the tiaras, the tea trays, the synchronized cuties, meaningful glances and interludes of fisticuffs and tweed, fans of the long-running series will feel like they’ve slipped into a welcome warm bath.
Nathalie Atkinson

The Globe and Mail

The film is never surprising and yet immensely satisfying. We’re introduced to several new characters whose arcs throughout the movie can be guessed during their first appearance onscreen. And yet because of the production’s light, witty and fully immersive aesthetic, all of it remains a delight.
Allison Keene

PASTE Magazine

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