Dressed to Kill

Drama | English | 104 minutes


Kate Miller, a sexually frustrated housewife, is being treated by her New York psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Elliott. After unsuccessfully trying to seduce Dr. Elliott, Kate visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In one of the museum’s galleries, Kate flirts with a mysterious stranger named Warren Lockman. She and Warren have sex in his apartment. Kate quietly leaves the apartment but notices she left her wedding ring in Warren’s apartment. She hurries back to retrieve it. When the elevator door opens, a tall blond woman with a straight razor slashes Kate to death. Liz Blake, a high-priced call girl, finds the body and gets a glimpse of the killer. Liz is  the killer’s next target and a prime suspect. Police detective Marino doubts Liz’s story partly because of her profession. Liz joins forces with Kate’s precocious teenage son, Peter, to find the killer. What they discover is both incredible and shocking.   
Michael Caine (Dr. Robert Elliott/Bobbi) / Angie Dickinson (Kate Miller) / Nancy Allen (Liz Blake) / Keith Gordon (Peter Miller) / Ken Baker (Warren Lockman)  / Dennis Franz (Detective Marino)
Why Stream This Film?
David Denby, film critic of New York Magazine, called Dressed to Kill “The first great American movie of the ’80s.” 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 80%
  • Metacritic Score: 74
  • Golden Globe Awards: Nominated, New Star of the Year (Nancy Allen)
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards: 5th Place, Best Film; 4th Place, Best Director (Brian De Palma)
  • Saturn Awards: Winner, Best Actress (Angie Dickinson)
De Palma places  emphasis on DRESSED to KILL on the same things that obsessed Hitchcock: precise camera movements, meticulously selected visual details, characters seen as types rather than personalities, and violence as a sudden interruption of the most mundane situations.
Roger Ebert


Brian De Palma goes right for the audience’s jugular in DRESSED to KILL, a stylish exercise in ersatz-Hitchcock suspense-terror.


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