Drama | French, German with English subtitles | 113 minutes

Anna is a grieving young woman whose fiancé, Frantz, was killed in battle during World War I. When she places flowers on his grave, she notices a young Frenchman, Adrien, also placing flowers on the same grave. Adrien tries to see Frantz’s father, Doktor Hoffmeister, but the doctor refuses to see him, claiming any Frenchman could be the  one who killed his son. Anna gets wind of this and manages to invite Adrien to dinner with the Hoffmeisters. Adrien tells them that he and their son Frantz were good friends when Frantz visited Paris. But when war came, they were on opposite sides. In one encounter Adrien kills a German soldier. Adrien, a pacifist, is wracked with guilt. He comes to Paris to seek redemption. But when lies are revealed, Adrien, Anna, and the Hoffmeisters realize their lives will never be the same.
Paula Beer Anna) / Pierre Niney (Adrien) / Anton von Lucke (Frantz) / Ernst Stötzner (Doktor Hoffmeister) / Marie Gruber (Magda Hoffmeister)
Why Stream This Film?
“For an antiwar film, FRANTZ is low-key. It doesn’t rub your face in gore or stir your adrenaline; there are no battle scenes, and only fleeting images of ruined cities and wounded soldiers; and a mood of bitterness, despair and exhaustion prevails.” Stephen Holden, The New York Times
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 91%
  • Metacritic Score: 73
  • César Awards: Winner, Best Cinematography (Pascal Marti); Nominated, Best Actor (Pierre Niney), Most Promising Actress (Paula Beer); Best Screenplay (François Ozon)
  • National Board of Review: Listed, Top Five Foreign Language Films
  • Venice Film Festival: Winner, Best Young Actress (Paula Beer); Nominated, Best Film
A sense of loss pervades FRANTZ, one of tragedy that can’t be undone, of lives changed forever, of pain that can never go away.
Mick LaSalle

San Francisco Chronicle

Every one in the film, down to the smallest characters on the fringes, is keeping secrets and spinning lies. And those lies beget more lies until the truth is a distant memory. It’s what can happen when life feels too overwhelming and unbearable to face.
Chris Nashawaty


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