1972 | Drama |116 minutes | English


Unlike most suspenseful films, the serial killer terrorizing London by strangling women with a tie is identified right from the start. His name is Bob Rusk, also known as “The Necktie Murderer.” Rusk  strangles Dick Blaney’s girlfriend Babs Milligan. With Rusk manipulating the evidence, Blaney  becomes the prime suspect. Blaney is convicted and goes to jail. With the assistance of a fellow inmate, Blaney  escapes. He now heads to Rusk’s apartment seeking revenge. Chief Inspector Oxford learns of Blaney’s escape from prison and surmises where Blaney is heading. Inspector Oxford is determined to be in Rusk’s apartment before Blaney gets there and does something he’ll regret.   

Jon Finch (Dick Blaney) / Barry Foster (Bob Rusk) / Anna Massey (Babs Milligan) / Alec McCowen (Chief Inspector Oxford)
Why Stream This Film?
Time Magazine wrote the following shortly after the opening of FrenzyAt 72, the world’s most famous film director may waddle a bit more slowly and his double chin may now be subdivided into a triplex, but no one, particularly an actor who strays into his corral, can doubt that there is still only one brand of a Hitchcock film.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 90%
  • Metacritic Score: 91
  • Golden Globe Awards: Nominated, Best Motion Picture; Best Director (Alfred Hitchcock); Best Screenplay (Anthony Shaffer); Best Original Score (Ron Goodwin)
Alfred Hitchcock’s FRENZY is a return to old forms by the master of suspense, whose newer forms have pleased movie critics but not his public.This is the kind of thriller Hitchcock was making in the 1940s, filled with macabre details, incongruous humor, and the desperation of a man convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. 
Roger Ebert

In case there was any doubt, Hitchcock is still in fine form. FRENZY is dazzling proof. It is smooth and shrewd and dexterous, a reminder that anyone who makes a suspense film is still an apprentice to this old master 

TIME Magazine staff

Armed with a superior script by Anthony Shaffer, an excellent cast, and a top technical crew, Alfred Hitchcock fashions a first rate melodrama about an innocent man hunted by Scotland Yard for a series of sex-strangulation murders.


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