Good Night and Good Luck

2005 | Drama | 93 minutes | In English


In the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy was on a rampage stating that the government was infiltrated by Communists and Communists sympathizers. Bullied and fearful, most Washington politicians and journalists refused to confront McCarthy. CBS journalist Edward R. Murrow, with support from studio heads Fred W. Friendly and chief executive William Paley, began a courageous series on TV exposing McCarthy and calling him a dangerous threat to U.S. democracy. When Murrow invited McCarthy on his show to support his accusations, McCarthy was unable to defend himself. What he did do was accuse anyone who opposed him as being either a Communist or a Communist sympathizer. Murrow was eventually vindicated. After many innocent lives were ruined, the Senate finally had the gumption of censoring McCarthy and removing his power. This historical drama vividly portrays this terrible period in U.S. history.

David Strathairn (Edward R. Murrow) / George Clooney (Fred W. Friendly) / Frank Langella (William Paley) 
Why Stream This Film?
 It is said that director/co-writer George Clooney hocked his home to make this film. His passion comes through in this remarkable historical drama. In a speech Murrow delivered to the Radio and Television News Directors Association, he harshly admonished his audience “not squander the potential of television to inform and educate the public, so that it does not become only wires and lights in a box.” Every politician and journalist should be required to see this outstanding film.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 93%
  • Metacritic Score: 80
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best Picture; Best Director (George Clooney); Best Actor (David Strathairn)
  • The American Film Institute (AFI) named the film as one of the Top Ten Movies of 2005

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Murrow is played in GOOD NIGHT, and GOOD LUCK by David Strathairn, that actor of precise inward silence. He has mastered the Murrow mannerisms, the sidelong glance from beneath lowered eyebrows, the way of sitting perfectly still and listening and watching others, the ironic underplayed wit, the unbending will.
Roger Ebert

GOOD NIGHT, and GOOD LUCK is a solid achievement.
Peter Rainer

The Christian Science Monitor

GOOD NIGHT, and GOOD LUCK is a passionate, thoughtful essay on power, truth-telling and responsibility. The title evokes Murrow’s trademark sign-off, and I can best sum up my own response by recalling the name of his flagship program: SEE IT NOW.
A.O. Scott

The New York Times

GOOD NIGHT, and GOOD LUCK is never inhuman or cold. In Murrow’s words it should not obey the White House or foster popcorn-crunching jingoism. Shorn of flash and dazzle in a way Murrow would appreciate, GOOD NIGHT, and GOOD LUCK practices what it preaches.
Victoria Segal


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