House of Flying Daggers

2004 | Drama | 119 minutes | English and Mandarin with English subtitles


In 9th century China, the Tang Dynasty is in decline. The House of Flying Daggers, a rebel group, who  steal from the rich and give to the poor, is gaining respect from the locals. In an effort to defeat them, Tang sends two police officers, Leo and Jin, to find and kill the gang’s leader. But the leader’s identity is unknown. Leo and Jin meet Mei, a blind dancer, who is supposedly the daughter of a former gang leader. Leo and Jin hope Mei will guide them to the leader they are looking for. The two men both fall in love with Mei and the three of them begin to learn the truth behind the lies they have been experiencing. The end is tragic.

Andy Lau (Leo) / Takeshi Kaneshiro (Jin) / Ziyi Zhang (Mei)
Why Stream This Film?
House of Flying Daggers is a beautiful blend of romance, action,  drama. It will transport you to an alternate, fantastic world. 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 87%
  • Metacritic Score: 89
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best Cinematography (Xiaoding Zhao)
  • BAFTA Awards: Nominated, Best Film in a Foreign Language; Best Actress (Ziyi Zhang); Best Cinematography (Xiaoding Zhao)
  • Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards: Winner, Best Foreign Language Film
  • National Board of Review: Winner, Outstanding Production Design
An astonishing combination of spectacle, suspense, martial arts flash, sublime silliness, anti-gravity action and passionate intensity. Before  and after everything else, it’s a grand love story.
Joe Morgenstern

The Wall Street Journal

HOUSE of FLYING DAGGERS finds the great Chinese director at his most romantic in this thrilling martial arts epic that involves a conflict between love and duty carried out to its fullest expression.
Kevin Thomas

Los Angeles Times

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