Knives Out

2019 | Drama | 130 minutes | English


Like all great murder-mystery films (and books), it’s important to share the outlines of the plot without revealing too many of the twists and turns and, of course, the final conclusion. Knives Out begins when  the housekeeper finds her employer, the wealthy crime novelist Harlan Thrombey, in his room with his throat slashed,  knife gripped in his hand. Police are convinced that his death is a suicide. But a renowned private detective, Benoit Blanc, receives an anonymous envelope with cash asking him to investigate the case. The person hiring Benoit obviously feels that Harlan was murdered and thus did not commit suicide. Benoit subsequently questions the close members of Harlan’s family: Linda Drysdale (Harlan’s eldest daughter); Richard Drysdale (Linda’s husband); Joni Thrombey (widow of Harlan’s deceased son); Walter Thrombey (Harlan’s youngest son); and Marta Cabrera (Harlan’s nurse.caretaker). Each one, except Marta, had a strained, difficult relationship with Harlan and, according to Benoit, each one  had a motive for murder. Benoit also spends much time with Marta feeling  she holds the answers to solving the mystery.  That’s the setting. See the film and you’ll be shocked and surprised as to how it all turns out.

Christopher Plummer (Harlan Thrombey) / Daniel Craig (Benoit Blanc) / Chris Evans (Hugh Ransom Drysdale) / Ana de Armas (Marta Cabrera) / Jamie Lee Curtis (Linda Drysdale) / Michael Shannon (Walter Thrombey) / Don Johnson (Richard Drysdale) / Toni Collette (Joni Thrombey)
Why Stream This Film?
It’s quite unique: Knives Out is a riveting murder-mystery whodunit that is extraordinarily entertaining and witty.  
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 97%
  • Metacritic Score: 82
  • American Film Institute: Top Ten Films of the Year
  • National Board of Review: Top Ten Films; Winner, Best Ensemble
  • Hollywood Critics Association Awards: Winner, Best Cast
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best Original Screenplay (Rian Johnson)
  • Golden Globe Awards: Nominated, Best Actor-Musical or Comedy (Daniel Craig)

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KNIVES OUT is a modern whodunit in the hallowed tradition of Agatha Christie. The filmmaker who did this is Rian Johnson and what he has done is create an entertainment that’s as smart, witty, stylish and exhilarating as any movie lover could wish for.
Joe Morgenstern

The Wall Street Journal

Rian Johnson’s KNIVES OUT unravels not just as a good old-fashioned murder mystery but the very fabric of the whodunit, pulling at loose ends until it has intricately, devilishly woven something new and exceedingly delightful.
Jake Coyle

Associated Press

Rian Johnson’s KNIVES OUT is one of the most purely entertaining films in years. It is the work of a cinematic magician, one who keeps you so focused on what the left hand is doing that you miss the right. Johnson confidently stays a step or two ahead of his audience, leaving them breathless but satisfied at the end.
Brian Tallerico

KNIVES OUT subverts expectations at every turn. How fitting for a classic whodunit with a progressive heart.
John Wenzel

Denver Post

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