Life of Pi

Drama | English, Tamil,  French with English subtitles | 127 minutes

The owner of a zoo in India,  Santosh Patel, decides to move with his wife Gita, teenage son Piscine “Pi” and all the animals to Canada. Santosh hopes to sell the animals in Canada at a good price and start a new life. They board a Japanese freighter. A huge storm capsizes the vessel. All perish except for Pi and an adult Bengal tiger. They find themselves marooned on a raft floating in the vast ocean. With a need to survive, Pi and the tiger miraculously learn to respect each other.    After weeks at sea, they land on an island. The island is not a haven as the waters turn acidic. Pi and the tiger continue their sea journey eventually reaching the coast of Mexico. Pi is devastated as he sees the tiger he befriended disappear into the jungle. Pi then relates his story to insurance adjusters for the Japanese freighter. The insurance adjusters at first do not believe Pi. But the final insurance report stated that “Pi survived a great adventure in the company of an adult Bengal tiger.” 
Suraj Sharma (Pi Patel) / Adil Hussain (Santosh Patel) / Tabu (Gita Patel)
Why Stream This Film?
One reason: Life of Pi is probably the most stunningly beautiful film you’ll ever see with a heavy dose of spirituality.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 86%
  • Metacritic Score: 79
  • Academy Awards: Winner, Best Director (Ang Lee); Best Cinematography (Claudio Miranda); Best Visual Effects (Claudia Miranda)
  • Golden Globe Awards: Winner, Best Original Score for a Motion Picture (Mychael Danna)
  • BAFTA Awards: Best Cinematography (Claudio Miranda)
  • AFI Awards: Winner, Best Movie
Ang Lee’s LIFE of PI is a miraculous achievement and a landmark of visual mastery. Inspired by a worldwide best-seller that many readers must have assumed was unfilmable, it is a triumph over its difficulties. It is also a moving spiritual achievement, a movie whose title could have been shortened to LIFE.
Roger Ebert

Ang Lee achieves an admirable sense of wonder in this tale about a shipwrecked teenager stranded on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger.
Todd McCarthy

Hollywood Reporter

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