My Happy Family

2017 | Drama | 120 minutes | Georgian with English subtitles


Manana is a 52-year-old housewife and teacher living in a cramped three-bedroom apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia, with an indifferent husband, her parents, children and son-in-law. The members of the family represent three generations. After 30-years of marriage, Manana decides to leave the family. With a career and an income, she feels she can afford living in a small apartment on the outskirts of town. Manana attends the 35th high school reunion. A devastating secret is revealed: Manana’s husband, Sosa, had an affair while they were married and fathered a boy. Manana also hears that her brother, Rezo, had spoken to her neighbors with stories about her life. Manana is incensed feeling this to be a violation of her privacy and dignity. With more secrets being uncovered about members of her family, Manana is determined that her new life will be her salvation.  

Ia Shugliashvili (Manana) / Merab Ninidze (Soso) / Dimitri Oragvelidze (Rezo)
Why Stream This Film?
Even in the remote country of Georgia, formerly part of the Soviet Union, we observe a 52-year-old woman with an enlightened feminist streak. She is stifled living with an indifferent husband, children, and parents, and decides to pursue a new life and new goals. The film will give viewers an awareness that these things can happen anywhere.  It’s mesmerizing.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 100%
  • Metacritic Score: 86
  • Sundance Film Festival: Nominated, Grand Jury Prize, Best Film

  • Seattle International Film Festival: Winner, Grand Jury Prize

  • Festival Del Cinema Europeo: Winner, Best Film; Best Cinematography (Tudor Vladimir Panduru)

  • The film received a perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes score


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An enthralling and masterful achievement. Many of the year’s best films feature protagonists who are resolved to live on their own terms and MY HAPPY FAMILY ranks right alongside them. It should not get lost in the awards season hysteria.
Matt Fagerholm

Don’t make a BEST MOVIES of 2017 list without first checking out this rich Georgian drama, which drew raves at the Sundance and Berlin film festivals. MY HAPPY FAMILY is a well-observed salute to the courage it takes to pursue a path that nurtures the soul, regardless of whom that offends.
Noel Murray

The New York Times

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