Our Souls At Night

2017 | Drama | 101 minutes | English


Louis Waters, a widower, and Addie Moore, a widow, have been neighbors for decades but hardly know each other. One day, Addie stops by to see Louis and throws out a suggestion: Since nights are toughest for lonely people, why doesn’t Louis come over and spend the night at her place? They are beyond sex but can have a warm relationship talking to each other and sharing a bed. Louis agrees. At the start of summer, Addie’s son, Gene, asks if Addie can take care of his son Jamie while Gene tries to salvage his troubled marriage. Addie, Louis, and Jamie go on a camping trip and become close. But Gene is hostile to the arrangement as he constantly calls Louis  “Mr. Waters.”  Addie and Louis are falling in love. In bed want to  do more than talking. A crisis develops when Jamie phones Addie asking her to come right over. Addie finds a drunk Gene ranting about his mother blaming him for the tragic death of his sister. Gene asks Addie to move in with them until he can get his life back together. Addie must now decide: is putting her family first going to cost  her the last chance to have a happy life with a man she loves?

Robert Redford (Louis Waters) / Jane Fonda (Addie Moore) / Matthias Schoenaerts (Gene Moore) / Jain Armitage (Jamie Moore) / Judy Greer (Holly Waters)
Why Stream This Film?
Our Souls at Night is a wonderful film that will restore your faith in the saying, “It’s never too late!” 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 88%
  • Metacritic Score: 69
  • Golden Trailer Awards: Nominated, Best Romance

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Redford and Fonda are charming, delicate and convincing as the couple who find each other at the tail end of their lives.They are directed with sophistication and without a drop of melodrama or sentimentality by Ritesh Batra. Hanging onto the delicacy and restraint of Haruf’s novel, he sings the praises of the basic decency of ordinary American folk in search of a measure of happiness, even as they make choices that go against social norms and make tongues wag.
Deborah Young

The Hollywood Reporter

About half the scenes in OUR SOULS at NIGHT consist of Jane Fonda and Robert Redford simply talking to one another. Those scenes are more exhilarating, more intoxicating and more memorable than many if not most gigantic action sequences in big-budget movies. In this lovely and bittersweet comedy/drama, Fonda and Redford disappear into their performances and execute each scene with flawless, naturalistic, utterly believable performances.
Richard Roeper

Chicago Sun-Times

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