Red Rock West

Drama | English | 98 minutes


Michael Williams, an unemployed ex-marine, wanders into a bar in Red Rock, Wyoming, looking for work. The bartender, Wayne Brown, mistakes Michael for Lyle, a hitman he hired to kill his wife, Suzanne. Wayne offers Michael a wad of money to do this job. Michael, broke and desperate, grabs the dough and heads for Suzanne’s home. Instead of killing Suzanne, he tells her what Wayne was planning to do. Suzanne then offers Michael more money if he would kill Wayne. As expected, Lyle arrives at the Red Rock bar and he and Wayne figure out what happened. Lyle finds Michael and Suzanne and brings them to the bar to help retrieve the money that’s stashed away. Gunfights and stabbings ensue with Michael and Suzanne surviving. They escape onto a nearby train, but Michael suspects  Suzanne is about to betray him. Michael never expected all this when he innocently wandered into the Red Rock bar looking for a job. 

Nicolas Cage (Michael Williams) / Dennis Hopper (Lyle) / Lara Flynn Boyle (Suzanne Brown) / J.T. Walsh (Wayne Brown)
Why Stream This Film?
When Red Rock West was completed, it was totally dismissed by the film industry. They considered it  unworthy for a theatrical run. But Bill Banning, the owner of an independent art house theater in San Francisco, loved the film.  He arranged a theatrical run and the film was discovered. Critics gave it rave reviews and  the theater was sold out for weeks. As Caryn James, film critic for The New York Times wrote, “It should never have fallen through the cracks.” Bravo for Caryn! 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 95%
  • Metacritic Score: 79%
  • Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films: Nominated, Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film
  • Film Independent Spirit Awards: Nominated, Best Director (John Dahl)

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A wry thriller with a keen edge.
Leonard Klady


It should never have fallen through the cracks. This clever little film is a real find.
Caryn James

The New York Times

RED ROCK WEST is a treasure waiting to be discovered.
Richard Harrington

The Washington Post

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