Rules of the Game

Comedy/drama |French with English subtitles | 110 minutes

After a momentous solo flight across the Atlantic (ten years after Lindbergh),  André Jurieux lands at Le Bourget Airport outside Paris. He is greeted by an adoring crowd. However, André is crestfallen when he’s informed    Christine, an Austrian-French noblewoman he loves, did not come to greet him. Complicating the relationship, Christine is married to Robert, the Marquis de la Chesnaye and Robert  is  having an affair with Geneviève. Robert throws a big weekend party at his estate, La Colinière.  Among the attendees  are Geneviève, Christine, her maid Lisette, and André. What we then see are the many varieties of love and friendship, including the aristocrats above and the staff below,  eventually ending in tragedy. In explaining the movie, Renoir simply stated,  “If you break the rules, you lose the game.”     
Roland Toutain (André Jurieux) / Marcel Dalio (Robert, Marquis de la Chesnaye) / Nora Grégor (Christine, Marquise de la Chesnaye) / Mila Parély (Geneviève) 
Why Stream This Film?
In a 1999 Village Voice film poll, Rules of the Game was voted the Best Film of the Century.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 96%
  • Bodil Awards: Winner, Best European Film
  • Faro Island Film Festival: Nominated, Best Film; Winner, Best Director (Jean Renoir)
  This magical and elusive work, THE RULES of the GAME, is so simple and so labyrinthine, so guileless and so angry, so innocent and so dangerous, you can’t simply watch it; you have to absorb it.
Roger Ebert

There are about a dozen genuine miracles in the history of cinema and one of them is Jean Renoir’s supreme tragi-comedy THE RULES of the GAME. Renoir’s masterpiece is a love roundelay that’s also the most complex, astonishingly varied and brilliant of all ensemble comedy-drama films.
Michael Wilmington

Chicago Tribune

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