The Brave One

Drama | English | 100 minutes


A cow that just calved is killed in a storm. Leonardo, the young son of the cattle herder, takes the newborn bull and gives him the name “Gitano.” Gitano’s mother was given to Leonardo’s father, Rafael, as a gift by landowner Don Alejandro. Even though Alejandro provides Rafael with a deed for the gift, the ranch manager sears the Alejandro brand on Gitano. When Gitano turns four, Alejandro is killed in an accident. Because he was heavily in debt, his assets must  be sold. Rafael cannot find Gitano’s deed of gift and since he’s branded by Alejandro, Gitano is sold to Mexicans intent on fighting him in a bullring. Gitano is slated to fight the famous bullfighter, Fermin Rivera. Leonardo pleads with the Mexican president to save Gitano but it’s too late. Streaked with tears, Leonardo  watches as Gitano enters the bullring and faces the fearless matador.   

Michel Ray (Leonardo) / Rodolfo Hoyos (Rafael) / Carlos Navarro (Don Alejandro)
Why Stream This Film?
 It’s rare that a film will appeal so strongly to both adults and children. The Brave One is that kind of film.
  • Academy Awards: Winner, Best Story (Robert Rich, pseudonym for Dalton Trumbo); Nominated, Best Film Editing (Merrill G. White); Best Sound Recording (Buddy Myers)

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THE BRAVE ONE is a beautiful and stirring drama about a Mexican boy whose heart almost breaks when his pet bull is forced to fight a peerless matador.
Clyde Gilmour

Maclean's Movies

A kid’s love for his pet themes this sentimentally moving story of a small Mexican boy who raises a fighting bull. Told against some magnificent photography, it’s a picture of overall appeal.
Variety staff


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