The Dead

Drama | English | 83 minutes


Adapted from a James Joyce short story. On January 6, 1904, spinster sisters Kate and Julia Morkan and their unmarried niece, Mary Jane, host their annual Feast of Epiphany dinner at their Dublin townhouse. Arriving guests include Gabriel Conroy, nephew of Kate and Julia, his wife Gretta, and Freddy Malins, who comes inebriated. The group gathers to sing Christmas songs and regale each other with old stories. Gretta confesses to her husband Gabriel about how one of the songs reminded her of Michael Furey, who was her lover  when they were teenagers. When Gretta falls asleep, Gabriel realizes there is much he did not know about his wife’s past life.  But tears fill  Gabriel’s eyes as he feels his love for Gretta.  

Anjelica Huston (Gretta Conroy) / Donal McCann (Gabriel Conroy) / Cathleen Delaney (Julia Morkan) / Helena Carroll (Kate Morkan) / Donal Donnelly (Freddy Malins)
Why Stream This Film?
Only a master like John Huston could have successfully adapted James Joyce’s short story into such a riveting film.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 93%
  • Academy Awards: Nominated, Best Screenplay (Tony Huston)
  • National Society of Film Critics Awards: Winner, Best Film; Nominated, Best Director (John Huston); Best Supporting Actress (Anjelica Huston)
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Nominated, Best Film; Best Director (John Huston); Best Screenplay (Tony Huston); Best Actress (Angelica Huston)
John Huston was an old man but he still had the courage and the imagination to make an impossible film of the greatest story he  ever read. THE DEAD is the best film Huston could possibly have made.
Roger Ebert

That Huston should have dared search for the story’s cinema life is astonishing. That he should have found it with such seeming ease is the mark of a master.
Vincent Canby

The New York Times

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