The Father

Drama | English | 97 minutes


Anne visits her father, Anthony, in his London flat. He is suffering from dementia, is belligerent with his caregiver, and forgets important things in his life. With Anne planning to move to Paris, she is anxious to find a new caregiver. Anne realizes if her father will not accept a caregiver, she will be forced to put him in a nursing home. Anthony is unaware he is living in a flat owned by Anne and her friend Paul. An argument ensues when Anne cancels a planned vacation with Paul. Paul is also upset that Anthony consumes too much of Anne’s life. Anne is forced to place her father in a nursing home. Anthony is emotionally wrought and complains about the wind and the rain destroying the leaves and branches of the trees. Catherine, the kindly nurse, promises to take Anthony to the park later that day.  

Anthony Hopkins (Anthony) / Olivia Colman (Anne) / Rufus Sewell (Paul) / Olivia Williams (Catherine)
Why Stream This Film?
As of today, The Father, is by far the most devastating portrayal of the ravages of dementia. It’s also inspiring to see 83-year-old Anthony Hopkins win an Oscar. My question? How did he remember his lines?
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 98%
  • Metacritic Score: 88
  • Academy Awards: Winner, Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins); Best Adapted Screenplay (Florian Zeller, Christopher Hampton)
  • Golden Globe Awards: Nominated, Best Motion Picture – Drama
  • British Academy Film Awards: Winner, Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins); Best Adapted Screenplay (Florian Zeller, Christopher Hampton)
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards: Nominated, Outstanding Lead Actor (Anthony Hopkins); Outstanding Supporting Actress (Olivia Colman) 
Another powerful, mesmerizing and downright heartbreaking performance by the great Anthony Hopkins. Elegant of demeanor but shabby of mind, arms folded in arrogant defiance as Hopkins grapples with the slowly encroaching pitfalls of growing dementia. The  result is a film of imagination and terror, both devastating.
Rex Reed

The Observer

It’s a tough watch, for sure, not least in the astonishing, tear-jerking final five minutes. But it’s also gripping and audacious.
Nick De Semlyen


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