The Silent Partner 

Drama | English | 106 minutes


Miles Cullen is an effete, bored bank teller in a dead-end job. When he’s held up at gunpoint, he has an idea. He gives the robber only a portion of the money in the till. The rest of the money, $50,000, Miles pockets for himself. When the police are notified, Miles informs them he gave the robber all the cash. Arthur Reikle, the robber, has calculated there was more money to be had;  Miles must have taken it.  While Miles is entertaining his girlfriend, Julie Carver, Reikle calls Miles and threatens him. He knows Miles took the money and he wants it. Reikle also sets up his lover, Elaine, to seduce Miles and find out the location of the cash. Like a Hitchcock movie, there are many twists and turns and betrayals before the story concludes.

Elliott Gould (Miles Cullen) / Christopher Plummer (Arthur Reikle) / Susannah York (Julie Carver) / Céline Lomez (Elaine)
Why Stream This Film?

Admirers of Hitchcock films will love The Silent Partner.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 75%
  • Metacritic Score: 74
  • 7Canadian Film Awards: Winner, Best Feature Film; Best Director (Daryl Duke); Nominated, Best Performance by a Lead Actor (Christopher Plummer); Best Performance by a Lead Actress (Céline Lomez); Best Art Direction (Trevor Williams)

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Seeing THE SILENT PARTNER, I was witness to a small miracle: To a thriller that was not only intelligently and well-acted and very scary, but also had the most audaciously clockwork plot I’ve seen in a long time. THE SILENT PARTNER’s plot,  indeed, has such ironies and reversals and neatly inevitable triple-crosses that it’s worthy of Hitchcock.
Roger Ebert

Director Daryl Duke has put together a dense, quirky, uncommonly interesting movie, this time with a high quotient of suspense.
Janet Maslin

The New York Times

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