The Unknown Girl

Drama | In French with English subtitles | 106 minutes


Jenny Davin is a hard-working young doctor in a small clinic in Liege, Belgium. She is prepared to go home after a long day when her front door buzzer rings. Although Jenny assumes this is a patient, she tells her intern, Julien, to ignore it as she heads home. The next morning Jenny learns that the buzzing was from a young African girl whose murdered body was found by the river bank.  The security camera shows  the girl was being chased by her killer. She was ringing Jenny’s buzzer, and banging on the door,  frantically seeking help. Devastated and guilt-stricken, Jenny searches feverishly for the identity of the girl so she is not buried anonymously. But Jenny’s search also leads to some sordid history about the girl and, shockingly,  the identity of the killer. 

Adéle Haenel (Jenny Davin) / Olivier Bonnaud (Julien)
Why Stream This Film?

Film critic Justin Chang wrote in his review that “one of the lessons of the Dardenne brothers’ stirringly humane working-class dramas is that even the smallest lapses of judgment can have unpredictable, often shattering consequences.” What sets this film above other similar films is that this lapse of judgment happens to a well-respected, hard-working professional.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 71%
  • Metacritic Score: 65
  • Cannes Film Festival: Nominated, Palme d’Or
  • César Awards: Nominated, Best Foreign Film
  • Miami Film Festival: Nominated, Best Foreign Film
Adéle Haenel, who was 26 when the film was shot, is front and center: This is some of the subtlest, most empathetic acting you’ll see in a movie all year.
Justin Chang

Los Angeles Times

Shot with unassuming lyricism and an eye for everyday detail and full of modest, eloquent performances.
A.O. Scott

The New York Times

THE UNKNOWN GIRL offers melancholy reflections alongside subtle rewards to be savored.
The Hollywood Reporter staff

The Hollywood Reporter , The New Yorker

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