There Is No Evil

Drama | Persian with English subtitles | 150 minutes

Executions in post-Revolutionary Iran are currently done primarily by hanging rather than the previous method by firing squads. Each hanging needs an executioner whose job is to pull  the stool under the victim. Told in four separate stories, each one reveals the horrendous effects this job has on the executioners. The film displays various emotions, different conflicts that seize the people who are forced by the government to do this job. It is also a probe into the soul of Iran, now number two in executing victims after China. To see the kind of pain and torment endured by the executioners, who are mostly simple middle-class workers, is heartbreaking.   
Ehsan Mirhosseini (Heshmat) / Mohammad Valizadegan (Javad) / Kaveh Ahangar (Pouya) / Mahtab Servati (Nana) / Baran Rasoulof (Darya)
Why Stream This Film?
There have been many films about capital punishment but There Is No Evil  is different: It puts a human face on the citizen-executioner who is asked to “pull the stool” under the person being hanged. It was shot in secret and smuggled out of Iran. Imagine this: There Is No Evil won the Golden Bear (Best Film) at the Berlin International Film Festival and the Iranian government would not permit director/writer Mohammad Rasoulof  to travel to Berlin and accept the award.  Film critic Godfrey Cheshire called it “easily the most daring and politically provocative film yet to emerge from Iran.”  
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 98%
  • Metacritic Score: 83
  • Berlin International Film Festival: Winner, Golden Bear for Best Film
  • Philadelphia Film Festival: Winner, Best Narrative Feature
  • Seattle International Film Festival: Winner, Best Film
THERE IS NO EVIL is a powerful work of moral courage and urgency. The extraordinary efforts of director/writer Mohammad Rasoulof demonstrate the amazing tenacity and resilience that keep Iranian filmmakers at the forefront of world cinema.
Godfrey Cheshire

To make a movie that ponders the moral rot of an unjust system while under the gun of that unjust system is courageous and artistically potent.
Ben Kenigsberg

The New York Times

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