Two Lovers

2008 | Drama | 110 minutes | English


Leonard Kraditor, probably manic-depressive, comes to live with his parents, Ruth and Reuben, after a failed suicide attempt. Leonard’s father, Reuben, employs Leonard in his dry cleaning business, primarily to do deliveries. Ruth arranges a dinner for Reuben’s potential business partner and family and asks Leonard to attend.  What Ruth has in mind is for Leonard to meet Sandra, the guest’s daughter. Surprisingly, Sandra turns out to be pretty, compassionate and loving. They both seem attracted to each other. But in the same building, Leonard becomes smitten with sexy, slim, sophisticated, Michelle. Michelle is a good-time woman who dazzles Leonard.  To the chagrin of his parents, Leonard ignores Sandra and pursues Michelle. Leonard’s first suicide attempt was the result of a broken relationship. Can this happen again or will Leonard make the right decision?

Joaquin Phoenix (Leonard Kraditor) / Gwyneth Paltrow (Michelle) / Vinessa Shaw (Sandra) / Isabella Rossellini (Ruth Kraditor) / Moni Moshonov (Reuben Kraditor)
Why Stream This Film?
The story of a young man, probably manic-depressive, who twice tried to commit suicide, is told with immense insight and  compassion. Two Lovers is a film worth seeing. 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 82%
  • Metacritic Score: 74
  • National Board of Review: Listed, Top 10 Independent Films of the Year
  • New York Film Critics: Listed, Top 10 Films of the Year
  • The film was a New York Times Critic’s Pick
The focus of TWO LOVERS is on character and human emotion. At the same time, the movie shows an American concern for pace and story development. The result is the best of both worlds.
Mick LaSalle

San Francisco Chronicle

TWO LOVERS is director James Gray’s most intimate and intricate film, a romantic melodrama that also offers Joaquin Phoenix’s most accomplished performance to date.
Richard Brody

The New Yorker

TWO LOVERS is a film of unusual perception, played at perfect pitch by Phoenix, Shaw, Paltrow, and the other actors. It is calm and mature. It understands these characters. It doesn’t juggle them for melodrama, but looks inside. The whole movie is so well-cast and performed that we watch it unfolding without any particular awareness of acting. Even the ending, which might seem obligatory in a lesser film, is earned and deserved in this one.
Roger Ebert

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