Two of Us

Drama | French, German with English subtitles | 91 minutes


Nina and Madeleine (“Mada”) are middle-aged, retired women. For decades they kept their love affair secret even from Mada’s family. Discreetly, they lived in two separate apartments on the same floor in a French apartment building. A crisis occurs when Mada has a stroke and is unable to speak or talk. Without revealing their love for each other, Nina navigates carefully around Anne, Mada’s daughter and Muriel, the caretaker, and becomes more attentive to Mada’s growing needs. With Anne increasingly observant, Nina must be careful  her relationship with Mada is not revealed.

Barbara Sukowa (Nina Dorn) / Martine Chevallier (Madeleine “Mada” Girard) / Léa Drucker (Anne) / Muriel Bénazéraf (Muriel)
Why Stream This Film?
Film critic Corrina Antrobus wrote in EMPIRE Magazine, “TWO of US beautifully depicts love’s many languages and how time generates strength. There’s a valuable lesson here that never gets old: love conquers all.” 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score (Critics Consensus): 98%
  • Metacritic Score: 82
  • César Awards: Winner, Best First Film; Nominated, Best Actress (Barbara Sukowa)
  • Golden Globe Awards: Nominated, Best Foreign Language Film
  • Dublin International Film Festival: Winner, Best Actress (Barbara Sukowa)
  • Hollywood Critics Association: Nominated, Best International Film
What gives TWO of US its singular power is the hurtling urgency of the story-telling and the brilliance of the acting. Director Filippo Meneghetti, and his collaborators, hedge no bets, observe no constraints.
Joe Morgenstern

The Wall Street Journal

Through the use of symbolic peepholes, eavesdropping and dark rooms that provide cover for whispered assurances of devotion, TWO of US succeeds as a stealthy depiction of lesbian erotics, one that mirrors the inhibitions of a generation
Beatrice Loayza

The New York Times

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